BSL, Inc. makes available beautiful, private, comfortable and affordable living environments for people in recovery who are ready to be responsible for their lives. BSL is a non-profit organization, which provides housing for people new in recovery wanting long-term sobriety. The residents are given an opportunity to become self-supporting and are able to live independently from outside sources. BSL will grass root fundraise to keep their housing affordable.

The Residents are in charge of their own recovery.
BSL treats the residents as if they are adults. While at BSL they need to comply to four concepts. In complying to these concepts they are creating a safe, yet affordable place to live.
Stay Clean & Sober
Be Respectful
Pay & do Fair Share
Guests are Respectful
Promotes independent living & freedom to make choices
Provides a safety net of accountability & affordability
Teaches consequences of choices by experience
Private rooms starting at only $600.00 per resident

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