Basically, Beyond Sober Living came into existence because “necessity is the mother of invention” and support was needed, spiritually, physically and mentally. Here I was two years sober and trying to save the marriage I had originally gotten sober to help restore. Well, I stayed sober and the marriage did not survive. I was left with a big, empty and unaffordable house to live in and I found myself determined to stay sober. So what to do? I had just started working as an administrator with a construction company; we all know what happened to the economy and construction a couple of years ago. My hours were continuously being cut and the bills were increasing along with empty promises from my soon to be ex-husband of financial help. Then there was the loneliness and the pain I was experiencing of a failed marriage, something in the past I’ve never been able to stay sober.

I threw myself into my 12 step meetings and working with others. In doing so I began sponsoring a number of the women I was attending meetings with and guiding them through the 12 steps. One of these women and I began talking about her need for a clean and sober place, a room of her own and a safe place as she was making decisions concerning her future career and relationships and by higher intervention Beyond Sober Living was born.

It began with women only. However, one of the dear residents was dating a man in recovery; he was over a lot because he was experiencing in his own sober living house a house that wasn’t very sober. He started staying over and we voted and he became our first male resident. Coed just seemed to work better, it seemed more natural and more true to the way the real world works. So Beyond Sober Living became coed.

The rules are simple, and the way most adult, functioning people in our society relate with one another. BSL allows adults to learn a healthy and balanced way to live, letting the experience and consequences of decisions made determine their future outcome. BSL is not for everyone; a lot of people in recovery need more structure and guidance in a program or a supervised sober living. However, in my own life and the lives of countless others transitional living can be a life saving tool needed for long term sobriety.

Let me close in saying that I try to make the homes as beautiful and as comfortable as I possibly can. The rooms are private and I truly hope that the residents who live in Beyond Sober Living feel as if they are home.

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